Hot Laptop?

8 04 2009

“What is that infernal racket?”
“My laptop didn’t used to make this much noise.”
“How come my laptop gets so hot nowadays?”

If you’ve ever thought or said one of the above, perhaps your laptop has been overheating.

Very hot laptop

Enter Notebook Hardware Control – a free program from Manfred Jaider, of

NHC helps you keep tabs on your computer’s temperature, and will even warn you when the system is getting too hot (perhaps it’s time to rid your laptop of those dust bunnies to increase air flow). As an added bonus, NHC also lets you view your hard drive’s SMART status (a simple way to see if your hard drive is on the fritz and needs replacing). There are several other useful features, so check out their website for more details.There’s even a professional version of NHC available with extra options.

Still not sure NHC is a good program? Consider this, I use it on my laptop to make sure the internal temperature doesn’t get out of hand.

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